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10 Redes hoekom enkelmammas gewild is!

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Hier is ietsie vir al die enkelmammas daarbuite!!!! Geniet dit!

According to a Yahoo! Personals poll, men rated these factors as major turn-on’s when dating single moms:

 1. You know she’s strong if she can handle the responsibilities of single parenthood.

2. She’s not going to gamble her child’s happiness on just any man – so by agreeing to date you, she’s paying you a compliment.

3. Juggling parenting and a job keeps her busy – too busy to check up on your movements or start baying at the moon if you don’t call.

4. She understands the difference between quality and quantity time. You don’t have to be around 24/7, but when you do get together, she’ll make it worth your while.

5. Single moms can cook!

6. In fact, she spends so much time slaving over a hot stove that she’ll consider even a burger a treat, as long as she doesn’t have to butter the roll herself!

7. Because she can’t hit the tiles every night, she enjoys her time out more than women who can come and go as they please.

8. No spur-of-the-moment dates – you have to plan. Planning entails anticipation… and anticipation heightens pleasure.

9. Single mothers know what it costs to raise a family, so big price tags don’t impress them much.

10. Single mothers already know how to change tyres, fit plugs to minor appliances and other everyday DIY duties. They want you around for your company – not just because they need a man around the house.

Nou is my vraag: Hoekom word my drumpel nie deurgetrap nie!!! 🙂

Lekker dag vir almal.



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  1. Hi. My eerste inloer hier, jou heel per ongeluk “ontdek”! Ek is ook ‘n enkelmamma van ‘n laaitie en sal beslis meer hier kom inloer. Wonder ook net hoekom word my drumpel nie deurgetrap nie…

  2. nou dames kan iemand my dalk vertel wat van die single pappa’s asb as iemand my kan lat weet.


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